Room in a Box!

First you decide which room you would like to transform

Step 1: Design Tasks
1. Measure your room and create drawings
2. Photograph all 4 walls
3. Identify the pieces in the room you want to keep
4. Gather inspirational images
5. Fill out the questionnaire giving as many details as possible
6. Scan and upload all of your materials

Step 2: What we do for you:
1. Analyze your questionnaire
2. Create a scale drawing of floor plan
3. Review room photos you send
4.Review the photos of pieces that you want to remain in room
5.Understand your inspirational images

Step 3: What you receive from us
1. Furniture plan
2. Furnishings storyboard
3. Selected furnishings
4. Fabric and paint booklets
5. Gift certificate 10% off next room in box purchase & price list
6. Tips & reference sheets